PicTapGo Отзывы пользователей


Выкидывает из программы , не успев зайти.


При сохранении фото приложение вылетает и фото не сохраняются! Исправьте пожалуйста!

Обновление глючит

После обновления программа перестала работать

Приложение отличное. НО! После последнего обновления сразу вылетает ((( Исправьте, пожалуйста

Это самое любимое моё приложение.


Все збс СПС за прогу!!!


Самая крутая прога для фото

Soooo Good!

даже обидно, что у такого прекрасного приложения ни одного отзыва) Использую наравне с vsco, даже чаще. Короче, highly recommend

Что за обновление?

Программа отличная, только недавно что-то обновилось и теперь почему-то не все фотографии видит при выборе из альбома! Исправьте!!!

Отличное приложение

Очень удобная и простая в использовании программа. Много красивых фильтров. Сняла звезду за тугодумие,иногда долго откликается. Но о покупке не пожалела)


Приложение нормальное. Но есть куда лучше и бесплатные.

How to use

I got the app over the yeas Don’t know how to use the app There’s any video I can learn

Best editing app for brightening

Love the app! Perfect for reselling as I use it to edit my photos. Please consider making the app landscape friendly! It would make it so much easier for people with iPads.

Wasted my $2.99

This app is not worth being free. I really would just like my $2.99 refunded

Love this app but...

Use this app for my business on a daily and weekly basis. Love how it brightens my photos BUT I would love the ability to edit multiple pictures at once and save them. It takes me forever to have to go in to each picture individually and turn the “lights on” and save!

Great app for filters

I love the layering ability this app gives you! Very easy to use.

Pic tap go

It is a good app butt I was hoping it to be more like MOLDIV a really amazing photo app

Want to love this app, but....

I keep trying to select a picture from a folder in my camera roll, but the app keeps crashing and shutting down. I checked for an update I might have missed, however there is not one to fix this issue. I saw in Instagram that you are rolling out a beta test for your app for Android, but I’m hoping you’ll fix the iOS app first??!!??

A waste of 3$

I wish I bought myself a kombucha instead😂 it’s literally basic preset filters like Instagram or any number of FREE apps. There are no bells and whistles, just filters. No impressive editing tools, not even all the basic ones that come on your iOS iPhoto’s app. Pretty lame. Do yourself a favor and skip this one!

App won’t open

Force closes 🤬 what’s the point in paying for it if it doesn’t work.

Love- but would love more of you could batch edit.

This app is my favorite. It’s the only one I use to edit ALL my pictures. However it would be super hand and convenient if I could select multiple photos and apply the same edit to them. It would save a TON of time! 🙌🏼

Great app. Always works!!

Really changes your picture game and it’s EASY!!

Crashes a LOT

Works just fine when it wants to, and takes my iPhone photos up a notch. But it crashes every 1-2 photos worth of edits. Sometimes it crashes if I’ve layered a lot of different effects. I’ve started to anticipate the crashes and I will apply some B.S edits I don’t care about to a photo just so I don’t have to try to remember the edits for when I reopen the photo. It’s a pain in the behind, sure hope they fix it. In today’s age of technology this shouldn’t happen. FYI I have a nearly new 256GB iPhone X.

Usually I love this app

All of a sudden it crashes every time I try to edit a b&w photo. This literally just started happening out of the blue two days ago. It’s so weirdly specific!

Need some tech support

Love this ap. Have been using it weekly for years. However, last three days it keeps crashing on me after I finish editing a page and try to save it to my camera roll. Please help. Also, couldn’t find a way to contact technical support. :( Oh, and my Ap is updated.

Deleting filters ?

I’ve loved this app for a long time and use it every time before posting a picture. However lately when I go to choose a filter it doesn’t stay attached to my picture. So I cannot edit my pictures anymore? Just hoping you can fix whatever glitch this is. Thanks.

Super fantastic filter APP

Have been using it for years. So easy, terrific filters, endless options (but not overwhelmingly so). Everyone I show it to switches. And once it had an issue, I wrote them and issue was fixed same day. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

Kinks in latest update smoothed out

Thanks for working out the kinks so quickly. Love the app!

Super easy and fast

I love this app, you honestly don’t need anything else to edit your photos on your phone. Works great and I love that it’s so quick and easy to use!

Money well Spent

This app has made my life so much easier in regards to photo editing. Not only is it simple to use but the quality is great! This was is a well developed app and that's rare. Thank you!!

Best editing app!

This app is amazing! Awesome filters and so easy to use! You can even customize your favorite filters and save them!

When it works, it’s awesome!

The last few times I’ve used the app it crashes. I’ll apply two filters and while it’s trying to save, it will crash. So, I tried just one filter and the first time it saved, but after that it kept crashing. I tried deleting the app and reinstalling it, but it’s still not working.

Best app to add light

Add brightness like no other app! Love it

IG Square Float not working

Update: issue was fixed FAST! And it wasn’t even their fault - it was an Instagram issue and PicTapGo still figured out how to make it work for us. Seriously love this app and highly recommend! IG Square Float option isn’t working. Four days ago it worked and now it won’t. I use this app for all my pictures - please fix!


This was a waste of $3. Editing in Instagram gives better quality looking images. Disappointed for sure.

iPhone X issue/conflict

I love this app and have been using it for years as a stand-alone, to edit right from my camera roll and also to edit in the Project Life App ... I don’t post or scrapbook a picture without it!! As a new iPhone X owner I’m finding it really tricky to use the slider along the bottom because it is right in line with all of the function to close and swipe between apps in turn iPhone X interface. Any chance the PTH slider can be moved up 1/2” to move it out of that “conflict zone”?

Click save then kicked out

This app has been wonderful until trying to edit my bday photos & it’s kicked me out every single time.


Thank you for bringing things back to normal! My issue with posting to IG has been fixed! I’m very pleased to know that the developers took time to listen and take charge of the issue that many users were facing, thank you! One of the best editing apps that allow you to continue keeping your personal style and “feel” stationery! Love this app! ————————————————————————Previous Rating: 2 stars So much potential I fell in love with this app because it seems to be an all in one editing app for me. Lately it’s been letting me down. When I get to the final step to post to my IG, I use the floating option to maintain my “style” stationery with the rest of my feed but find that the picture doesn’t shrink in size to make that effect possible which is VERY irritating. Please fix this!

iPhone X

Help!!! I use this app everyday to edit my photos before I post on Instagram. I just got the iPhone X. I can edit the picture but can’t post bc the NEXT button is right under the the battery symbol as I can’t get it to go the next page. Any suggestions or any way to change this?? Please??? I love this app. Response to your response: thank you for letting me know. THANK YOU FOR FIXING IT!!!!

Love This App

Love This App For Editing My Screencaps,I’m So Glad That They Keep On Updating This App Instead of Doing like a lot of apps and just not updating anymore.I Love That You Can Make Your Own Filters,It’s So Much Fun!

Thank you for an amazing app

This is my favorite app. My go to app!! Thank you for staying on top of things and fixing WHATEVER problem that pops up!!

Love it but....

I loved the app but lately it hasn’t let me post with the IG square float option at the end to post. Each time I click on it to post it it doesn’t have the white boarder around it. Other than that the app is great.

Not Instagram floating

I’ve used this app for years and really do love it. But since the update I can’t transfer the edited image to Instagram (with the float border). Seems like some kind of glitch?

Love when it's working

I use this app frequently but it has always had an extremely irritating issue. 9/10x after editing a photo, the last step in the "save image" process doesn't reflect any changes made within the app. If you want your edits to be saved, you have to screen shot the entire screen during the editing process and crop the photo within your device's photo app. I have been waiting patiently for this issue to be resolved, assuming it was a known problem among users, but obviously nothing has been done. This app is so convenient and I would love to see this functionality corrected so users can use the app without issues saving the image, which defeats the purpose of choosing this app for photo editing.

My go-to app for quick photo editing

This is the app I choose for quick photo editing every time. Love all of the filters and super easy to use.

Best Ever

Love this app. My go to for photo edits. Love how you stack filters and can save recipes.

My "go to" photo editing app!

Love pic tap go...so easy to get the look I want.


Glitches with iPhone 8+. Will not open cropped photo to Instagram.

My Favorite App!

I got this app because it was recommended by a photographer in a class I took. It is so easy to use! I am nowhere close to a photographer, but I feel like my IG posts (and ChatBooks) look one million times better since using this app! My fav filters are "lights on" "contrast" and "bright side." And I LOVE that unlike IG filters, you can adjust these!

Great app

I love using this app to edit my pictures. It is quick and easy! Also love how you can use it in other apps such as Project Life.

Great for LuLaRoe Retailers

Best app for brightening photos. Helps make flats lays look bright and crisp. I use this app everyday!

My favorite

Easy to use and great results!

Flip photos

If it could stop flipping my photos sideways. That would be nice. I haveto do twice the work

Recommended by professional photographers

I got this app after reading recommendations from pro photographers. I downloaded most of the ones they recommended, and this one is by far the best. It's easy to use and it allows you to pile on filters instead of picking one that you like, saving the photo, then re-edit to add another filter. This app makes photo editing quick!

Definitely worth the money!

I've probably had almost every popular filter app on the App Store and none of them have been as good as Pic Tap Go. The ability to layer filters also gives you endless possibilities and hours of fun.

Love it when it doesn't crash.

My go to app for phone editing. It's been crashing a lot :(

Best Photo Editor for Mobile Devices

Best Photo Editor for Mobile Devices


I love the app! I've used it for years, I only wish we could edit videos too!

Would love batch post-processing ability

Would love to see the ability to select several photos at once and do a batch processing, than having to post-process each photo individually. Other than that, really love using this app. Simple and straight to the point.


Love how easy it is to use. You can transform ordinary pictures to extraordinary ones!

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